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Find Doctors & Healthcare Professionals in New Zealand

As a medical recruitment agency, we work with Doctors and Healthcare Professionals across New Zealand. Below is a snapshot of the candidates we're currently working with. 

Rural Hospital Medicine Specialist

• Availability ongoing

ED Consultant

• Available ongoing throughout 2022

General Surgeon

• Doesn't do scopes, however has lots of availability throughout 2022


• Availability from June 2022 onwards

Telemedicine GPs

• Intermittent availability 

General Practitioners 

• Intermittent availability 

Anaesthetic Technician

• Full-time locum

• Highly spoken of by clients

• Available from end of January 2022

Anaesthetic Technician

• Available for Christmas cover (18 December - 8th January)

• Great team player

• Experience in private and public settings

General Surgical Registrar

• Available for blocks from July 2022

Psychiatric Registrar

• Intermittent availability

ED Consultant

• Ongoing blocks of availability 2022

ED Medical Officer

• Available from June 2022

O&G Registrar

• Available end of June 2022

Registered Nurse Anaesthetic Assistant

• Full-time locum

• Available from end of January

• Happy to scrub or work as AT

Cardiac Sonographer

• Available for ongoing Thursday and Friday shifts

• Over 20 years' experience 

• Happy to travel

... and more

• Many more with blocks and ongoing availability throughout 2022

General Practitioner

• NZ Resident

• Available Now until July 2022

• Preferred destination Auckland

General Practitioners

• Available August 2022

• From the UK

Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss any of these talented doctors and healthcare professionals.

From day one it has been a great experience working with Triple0. The staff have been amazing, paperwork has been processed immediately and nothing has been too much trouble. The whole process has been effortless. Thank you to the whole team.

- Jackie Aldred, Anaesthetic Technician


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