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In the recruitment process, one of the most common obstacles is providing referees and references for the role you are applying for. Sometimes when gathering documentation and details for your recruiter, it’s hard to ensure you have completed the process correctly.

This article is intended to ensure that you know exactly what you need to provide and what the criteria is for the referee stage of the recruitment process.

What is a reference?

References can be either:

  • A verbal report between our Recruitment Specialists and your referee
  • An email with our reference check form sent from your Recruitment Specialist directly to your referee

Note: we do not define the format and content of written references.

What’s the difference between Australia and New Zealand?


In Australia, you must provide referees for the job you’re applying for, whereas in New Zealand, your referees will be used for the job as well as part of the doctor’s registration to practice in New Zealand. So, your referee will only need to fill in one form for both.


There is no difference in the process between countries for a locum role.

How Many Referees Do I Need to Provide?

For each referee provided, we require their name, title and contact details (including email and phone number).


For most roles, you must provide your recruiter with three referees. Ideally, you’ve worked with them in the last three years, in which one must be your current employer. All references need to be senior medical staff.


You’ll need three referees, including one from current employer. All must be senior and have worked with doctors in the previous 12 months.

Do I need to inform my referees prior to listing them?

Yes, all referees must be informed and aware of you listing them as they may be contacted for a reference during the recruitment process. For written references, it is vital to stress to your referees the importance of completing these quickly and returning these directly via email so we have an email trail for verifying purposes.

Also, all references must be dated within six months of when we receive your completed registration application.

Closing Thoughts

All information provided on this website is a guide only and subject to change. Please contact us for further information and guidance.

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