Looking for something new? New Opportunities, new challenges, new experiences, new locations? Or just wondering what else is out there?  Give us a call, I’m sure we can help. We place doctors in short and long term permanent and locum jobs across all medical specialties throughout Australia and New Zealand and have been doing this since the turn of the century.




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    I am a Surgeon

    I am a Surgeon.

    I invest hours, day’s months and years into serving you.

    I have paid back hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans.

    My family suffers. I never see my kids grow up. I often work 24hrs and never see them go to bed.

    I have been spat at. I have been verbally abused, but still I strive to stop the pain you are suffering.

    I am the deliverer of good news. I am also the deliverer of bad news. I tell young mothers that they have months to live in front of her children.

    I think of my own children. How would I cope?


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    We listen. We care. We are also pretty talented!

    Its true! We simply have the best team in the industry!

    From fencer’s to cupcake makers to racehorse jockeys – we truly are amazing! We generally care about what YOU are wanting, and we do everything we can to find the perfect locum or permanent placement. At Triple0 we don’t just find jobs, we find experiences and opportunities for YOU!

    To find out more about us, or to discuss Rugby, Netball or the best cupcake recipe click below!

    The Triple0 Team
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    Hottest opportunities. Every week. Live on Periscope.

    We love live jobs. You will too!

    Here at Triple0 we are very much about ‘being social’. That’s why every Wednesday at 2pm NZST and 12pm AEST you will get the latest jobs, fresh and live!

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  • locum work in rural Australia

    Going off the beaten track – what can you expect as a locum in a rural location?

    Australia – an amazing country full of diversity, catering for both the ‘urbanite’ and those that long for fresh air. Recently, a number of our doctors have asked ‘If I locum rurally, what can  I expect?’ The answer is simple and clear – you can expect everything and anything! (more…)

  • As a very satisfied locum doctor I just wanted to pass on my thanks and commendations to your awesome team for helping me out so much over the last few months, with locum placements as an anaesthetic consultant.
    In particular, I would like to pass on my sincere and heartfelt thanks to, and the best commendation for Ryan and Rebecca, who have both tirelessly worked to not only find me placements and sort out any issues related to them, but have also been kind and helpful above and beyond what I expected to receive.
    Ever since I first contacted Triple O this year needing work, Ryan has been a constant source of encouragement and help, always promptly answering any queries I had and finding work that suited my rather erratic schedule of available hours. He is cheerful and professional at all times – even when called on a sick day, with a very bad head cold! – and never fails to insert a note of humor and encouragement. He has the ability to empathise and understand doctors, which is no mean feat! Thank you Ryan and Rebecca! And thank you very much Triple O. You have helped to make a very trying transition period run very smoothly and I am very grateful! My only comment is don’t let those two leave – they are truly an asset to your organization.

    NZ Locum regarding Ryan Burnett/Rebecca Holt

  • I have been a locum doctor for the past 10 years and have had interactions with a few agencies and locum consultants. I have now been with Triple0 for the past few years and I have nothing but praise for Carla, who has taken care of my locum needs. I believe she is the main reason that I work for Triple0 and her attention to detail has been above par. Carla is the most friendliest locum consultant I have ever dealt with, and every conversation with her has been like talking to an old friend. She goes out of the way to tailor a particular locum job to one’s needs, and she is always in constant communication to make sure things go right. I have never had someone ring me after I finish a particular assignment to make sure everything went okay and that is a tribute to Carla’s commitment and professionalism. I would never change my consultant for all the tea in China and I wish her all the best!

    NZ Locum regarding Carla Smith

  • ” For the last five  years Triple0 has met and exceeded my needs and expectations for a locum agency. Their service has always been prompt in finding suitable locums for a physician. Transport and accommodation needs have been promptly addressed. Their call at the start of the locum to check that all is well has been appreciated. It has been a pleasure to work through them, with complete confidence in their service.

    NZ Locum Physician

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for their hard work in getting me a locum placement. Carla Smith and Sue McLay have impressed me with their work etiquette.  Both Carla and Sue have been very accommodating in my requirements and I wish to formally commend them on a job well done. Carla’s youthful vigour is very contagious and I enjoy her phone banter. Sue is efficient with her organisational skills and I can imagine her running a tight ship. Best wishes once again to your team at Triple0.

    NZ locum Dr in AUS

  • Triple0 are miles better than any other medical locum agency I have dealt with; they are very committed, have a personal touch and genuinely care about helping. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone wanting help to start a medical career in new Zealand. Early on in my FY2 year I started planning to work in New Zealand for a year, but is was difficult to grasp the system and I had very little guidance. Katrina and Michelle at Triple0 went above and beyond my expectations to help me find a job to fit what I wanted and I am very grateful to the team for this.

    UK FY3 Dr

  • I just want to say thanks for all the hard work you and your staff do – in providing me with both permanent and locum doctors. Every one of you makes our life so much easier – it is a really pleasant experience talking on the phone – having a laugh and being made to feel special. The standard of the doctors that you provide is wonderful (both locum and permanent). They have all been amazing. Again, thank you so much from David and I. We really mean it when we say that Triple0 is the best.

    NZ RMO Unit